The Dyslexia Code Presents

Lexify™: Dyslexia Therapy, Gamified

Children with dyslexia are big-picture, out-of-the-box thinkers, but learning to read can be a challenge without the right approach.

presents critical reading skills explicitly and sequentially, and in a unique way that makes sense to dyslexic brains.

We start by looking at the big picture—the sentence—then zoom in bit-by-bit to the smallest unit of sound called a phoneme, where all language begins.

Next, we build skills from phoneme to grapheme, grapheme to syllable, syllable to word, and words to sentence.

Your child will use higher-level thinking skills to spot patterns and understand language concepts. And the best part? It might feel like they're just playing games! Lexify™ makes cracking the code of reading effective and truly enjoyable.
Lexify: Dyslexia Therapy, Gamified

Lexify™ is an explicitly structured, multi-sensory, and gamified learning system intentionally designed to help kids crack the code and become skilled readers.  

is the only Evidence-Based Reading Instruction with a gamified approach that transforms challenged readers into skilled readers and happy learners in considerably less time than traditional Orton-Gillingham tutoring.

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Why Lexify™ Dyslexia Therapy?

Empowered Learning

Lexify™ was designed for kids age 6-9 to use independently with a little help from a parent or tutor, if needed. Lexi assists your child in taking charge of their own learning, boosting their confidence with each achievement!

Interactive Fun

Kids have a blast while practicing reading skills with Lexify™'s games! They're interactive and fun and offer instant feedback as your child masters the concepts and skills. Plus, there's a leaderboard for friendly competition with other learners!

Decoding Like a Pro

Understanding the 44 phonemes, 6 syllable types, and 10 secret spelling codes translates into decoding words quickly and skillfully for increased reading comprehension.

Structured Literacy

Lexify™ is effective, fun, and affordable Orton-Gillingham tutoring. Your child's progress is monitored by a Dyslexia Specialist, and feedback and guidance is provided to parents.

Exploratory Approach

  Lexi helps kids understand our language by presenting concepts in a way that encourages exploration and higher-level thinking.

Not Just a Course

Lexify™ is a solution. It's a journey through a 3D world where learning meets play.  Short, thought-provoking video concept lessons are paired with an abundance of gamified opportunities to practice and master reading skills. 

Interactive games with Leaderboards

Skill practice opportunities

Minutes per day to reading mastery

Reading levels of growth at course completion
🚀 Imagine a world where your child can use their unique dyslexic power as a tool for spotting patterns and organizing information in their brain for easy retrieval. That's the intentional design of Lexify™! 

✨ "Now I can learn anything I want!" - Jojo G. ✨

Lexify™ is Highly Effective and
Affordable Dyslexia Therapy.

With Lexify™'s carefully guided exploratory approach, your child will skillfully identify language patterns, conquer reading challenges, and truly own their learning experience.
Your child will have fun as they grow in confidence in their reading skills! 
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